What to know about moving from California to Texas?

California and Texas are two states that share similar cultures, but the similarities end there. You should probably consider a long-distance
moving company before deciding to move forward with the move. But here are some
cool differences and tips for moving between these two states:

Cost of Living

Texas is a far less expensive place to live compared to California. According to calculations by MIT, which uses childcare, health care, shelter, food, transportation, and others – And California comes out on top for being the most expensive. Studies show that if you’re a family with 2 adults and 2 children in California, it takes an earned income of $79,000 to cover all necessary expenses. The same calculations for Texas show that the same family would need only a salary of $61,000 to pay the same living costs. Expenses vary greatly depending on the state in which you reside, so it’s important to evaluate your expenses, income, and your total cost of living before narrowing down your move.


The economies of California and Texas are some of the largest in the United States, so big that if California would as the
fifth largest economy in the world if it were to go sovereign. Texas would rank tenth. Economy is extremely important to consider when planning your long distance moving from California to Texas. Both states have an extremely diverse
amount of industries and different economies and enjoy an extremely low unemployment rate. In 2017, Texas had a higher growth in jobs than California by a whole .06% growth. Texas has a booming and diverse industry field which fuel economy, technology, agriculture, energy, and healthcare.


Long Distance Moving from California to Texas often leaves people to forget climate benefits. California for the most part in the populated parts are known to be just one season all year round, while Texas has more of a variable climate that leaves the weather constantly changing. The seasonal fluctuations and Texas’ famous reputation for variable weather conditions is what attracts a lot of residents from California to Texas. Summers in Texas can be very high in heat with oppressive humidity with mild winters. California is susceptible to natural disasters such as earthquakes and


One of the key features people do long distance moving from California to Texas is the Geography. Texas has over 367 miles of coastline, including the Gulf of Mexico. You may enjoy the beaches of California more, but Texas will leave you breathless with all the mountainous terrain, stretches of plain that seem to go on forever, and breathtaking hill country.


A car is a necessity in both California and Texas, with no reliable public transit system. The average commute time in Texas is 26.5 minutes, while California has an average commute time of 29.4 minutes. You’ll find yourself being in your car for often way longer at peak traffic times in populated parts of California than you will anywhere in Texas.


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