Casey DeSmith
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Casey DeSmith

For our readers, the poll was done by a joint left/right partnership. According to FiveThirtyEight's US Senate forecasting model, Gideon has a 61% chance of defeating Collins in November. Ms. Collins, 67, first won her seat in 1996. A recent poll of Maine voters shows Collins' approval ratings falling to their lowest ever. Sen. Susan Collins, a Republican, and House Speaker Sara Gideon, D-Freeport, are in a tight battle for Maine’s U.S. Senate seat. So much for their duty to democracy, it's all about ratings. A Suffolk University poll conducted September 17-20 found Gideon leading Collins by a larger margin of 7 points, 49% to 42%, in the race. Sara Gideon (D) Bio | Campaign Site. Phil: A-yuh. The name-calling and negative attacks on television speak volumes about the competitive nature of the “toss-up” Senate race. Please refer to our. Had the court upheld the restrictive Louisiana law on abortion doctors, Collins’ critics would have been able to attack her over Kavanaugh with renewed fury. If you don't mind the ads and would rather donate, please select one of the options below: Please note our login process has changed. In the two past presidential elections where she was also up f0r re-election, 1996 and 2008, she won her election by double-digit margins, despite former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama carrying the state of Maine in the electoral college. Although state Republicans contend that Ms. Collins is in fact a Trump adherent, the senator has repeatedly declared that she will not say one way or the other. STANDISH, MAINE — Sen. Susan M. Collins is a Trump toady in the pocket of the insurance companies, and her likely Democratic opponent, Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon, is a liar who covers for child predators. Democrats, meanwhile, have added over 40,000 voters to their ranks since the 2016 election, according to the Portland Press Herald. Watch for a good laugh! Maine Snapshot. When she formally clinched the nomination on July 14, she also received a $4 million windfall that activists raised to support Collins' eventual Democratic opponent. In the poll, 49% said they believe she supports Trump too much, while 38% said she supports Trump "about the right amount.". according to the Center for Responsive Politics, Sabato's Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia Center for Politics. By clicking ‘Sign up’, you agree to receive marketing emails from Business Insider “Her negotiations tended to be ‘How can I get something?’ rather than ‘How can we work together and have a strong bill coming out of committee?’” said Deborah Sanderson, a Republican who served in the state House of Representatives from 2010 to 2018. But Trump winning the presidency in 2016 and taking over the GOP mantle made it much more difficult for Collins to thread the needle between being a member of the Republican party and maintaining her own highly specialized brand of bipartisan politics. Ethan: I wish Election Day was today! She was in the spotlight again in the aftermath of the court's decision. ". Ben Sasse was in the middle of civics class when Judge Barrett muffed the quiz. That is, if all you have to go on are political ads. In 2016, Ms. Collins refused to support Mr. Trump, then the Republican presidential nominee, saying that he “does not reflect historical Republican values.” She regularly scores high marks for bipartisan cooperation. Turn Left!” a decidedly progressive organization I run, but conducted by Victory Geek, a non-partisan data and telecom provider with mostly conservative clients. “In this era of Trump, where things are very polarized, there is a lot of, ‘Which side are you on?’ and her approach winds up not making people as happy as it used to,” Mr. Melcher said. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Adorable Video Shows Mountain Lion Cub Burned in California Wildfire Making Friends at Zoo, Fast Food May Be Your Only Dining Out Option Left, Experts Warn, Sara Gideon attacks Susan Collins on abortion rights after Supreme Court ruling. Sobering news for Susan. Right-wing propagandist claims protective masks for children are a form of "governmental social control. Ethan: Did you take a look at the new poll on the U.S. Senate race I just sent? You now use your email to login. Quiz: How much do you know about the U.S. Congress? I think not. The logic went a little something like this: Collins was likely to face off in the fall with Maine House Speaker Sara Gideon, who was a far more serious candidate than Bellows; she voted in favor of a contentious Supreme Court nominee in Brett Kavanaugh; and those opposed to her were going to be able to raise some eye popping cash. The race will turn much less on Ms. Gideon’s record, or even her political positions, than on what Maine voters think about Senator Collins. Kamala Harris and Rachel Maddow bond over Mike Pence. The outsize presence of Paul LePage, the foul-mouthed, tax-cutting, welfare-disdaining, press-hating, anti-immigrant Republican who was Maine’s governor from 2010 to 2018 and who boasted of being “Trump before there was Trump,” complicated matters in the state. “The Collins team recognizes that this is a battle, that this is a nationally targeted race, that not just the country but the whole world is watching this and that the campaign is under the microscope,” said Josh Tardy, a former state House Republican leader who serves as co-chairman of the campaign. Trump and McConnell's posturing on the issue has excited conservatives enthusiastic about the possibility of Trump getting to appoint a third justice in his first term, but infuriated liberals who accused McConnell of blatant hypocrisy after he refused to hold confirmation proceedings for Obama's Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland in 2016. The latest Collins campaign ad accuses Ms. Gideon of doing nothing as speaker of the Maine House in response to COVID-19 and job losses. Susan Collins generally keeps an even keel. Add to that the newly refreshed criticisms of Gideon for once again sitting back and not pursuing an investigation into sexual misconduct by Dillon Bates, a member of her caucus, for months. Can that be all that surprising when one candidate has been working tirelessly for Maine, while the other has been on the sidelines? Mr. Melcher said the president has put Ms. Collins in a tough position. A couple of politicos, a Democrat and a Republican, mentioned the poll today in their Bangor Daily News column. Now Ms. Gideon’s admirers are touting her friendliness, desire for compromise and bipartisan credentials as she seeks to do the once unthinkable: unseat the four-term Senator Susan Collins, one of the last surviving moderate Republicans, and the only Republican from New England, in the U.S. Senate. Democrats say she falls in line with Mr. Trump and Mr. McConnell, the Senate majority leader, when it matters most and that she is not a friend of pro-choice voters. Dems make fools of themselves at Barrett confirmation hearing. So she ripped up the seating chart in the 151-member chamber, the one where Republicans and Democrats traditionally glare at each other from across the room, and mixed up the two parties. And that says nothing of the recent Supreme Court decision in the June Medical Services v. Russo case, which was the much watched abortion decision. Collins is no stranger to winning split-ticket crossover votes. “It was incredibly meaningful, because you get to know your seatmates very, very well,” said Heather Sanborn, a state senator who served a term in the House with Ms. Gideon as speaker. The final vote tally is expected to be extremely close, but Gideon's expected percentage of the final vote has grown to 51% — two points more than Collins. Sara Gideon is eminently qualified to be Maine's next US Senator. Now we are into July, and still the Legislature has done nothing, and Gideon has dithered, apparently happy to cede responsibility to Gov. “That’s what allowed us to even enact a budget in 2017.”. In Washington, Collins co-authored and then helped pass the Paycheck Protection Program, the small business lending initiative that has helped to literally rescue tens of thousands of small businesses in Maine from financial cataclysm. Mainers are saying, she continued, “that Susan Collins doesn’t seem like the person who she was when we first sent her to Washington.” And they are saying that “it feels that she’s making decisions for someone’s interests, but not ours,” Ms. Gideon said. Enjoy ad-free browsing while paying as you go. (The split was 49 percent for Ms. Gideon to 44 percent for Ms. Collins, with 6 percent undecided.). Ms. Collins‘ fate could hinge on her ability to convince voters that her independent streak is alive and well in an era of intense polarization — all while running on a ticket with President Trump, for whom she did not vote in 2016 and has been mum on whether she will back him this fall. Subscriber Please enable JavaScript and reload this page. Judge blasts D.C. mayor’s coronavirus church shutdown, Cindy McCain boosts Biden in new TV ad: ‘Will bring out the best in us, not the worst’, Girls best friend: Top concealed carry guns for women, Warning to Iran to not ‘f-k around’ with U.S. paid off, Trump tells Limbaugh, Colin Kaepernick calls to abolish ‘White supremacist’ police, prisons: ‘F–k reform’. Some people seem to think so, though their hopes really seem to be pinned to a ridiculously flawed poll released at the end of May showing that Gideon was leading Collins. Nowhere was that more evident than in Maine, where state House Speaker Sara Gideon sharply criticized Sen. Susan Collins for voting to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh, even though Collins supported the court's decision. Not that one, the one on his head. We welcome relevant, respectful comments. With just a 35% approval rating in Maine, Susan Collins prospects in 2020 look precarious. Explaining her decision, she pointed out that she had voted to confirm judges nominated by three different presidents: George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Mr. Trump.

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