David Bradley
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David Bradley

If the language barrier is a concern for you, you will be pleased to know that most Danes speak English well. 4. I guess you hooked up with the wrong crowd! Persons in transit You can travel through Denmark (transit) if you have a worthy purpose outside Denmark or you are going on holiday. Hello, I am from the US and my girlfriend from Germany… I would suggest that you join one of the local Facebook groups – Expats in Aarhus. If you intend to reside in Germany on the basis of being married to a German then you need to get the family reunion visa. Engineers and IT wizards have the best chance for Danish working visas. In fact, they’re getting tighter all the time, largely because Denmark has its own version of Donald Trump, the Danske Folkeparti, or Danish People’s Party. 5. Come to a danish shcool or workplace and you’ll see that everyone is so different and we love it, and treat each other equally. No Obligations and 100% Reliable. I just need to be pointed in the right direction. I knew about Denmark being a difficult place to fit/mix in so my thought have been confirmed, thank you. P.S. The reason people in e.g. Danish residents are not expected to work overtime, but must productive and play an active part in their company, no matter their position or how long they have been with the company. Germany, officially the Federal Republic of Germany (German: Bundesrepublik Deutschland, is a federal parliamentary republic in central-western Europe. I could go on and on…….. You can avoid the stress by letting the movers manage the hard work. Student visas are easier to get than any other kind of visa, and living for a semester or two in Denmark gives you the opportunity to see if you like the lifestyle and can handle the ugly winter weather and long hours of darkness. Paperwork for customs at border crossings, full support, service "door to door". Its favorable economy, employment opportunities, better education system with few tuition expenses have made many people, especially Americans, want to immigrate to Germany from US. However, we really lack diversity, there are a few dominoes, and burger kings. I’ve read countless stories about lack of high end IT workers in many EU countries and the jobs I see on expat sites show equivalencies to about 90k Euro for these same jobs I would qualify for. Intlmovers is a great way of finding international moving companies that can help you with your international Moving from Denmark to Germany. So here are some questions i have. However it is really common for parents to move to a suburb of either Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense or Aalborg. Also try and look for medical companies maybe. Hi Kay I like your blog. As citizens of a non-EU country, Americans are legally on the same footing as someone from China, India, or the Ivory Coast when it comes to moving to Denmark. It seems many foreigners are in Denmark because they met an attractive Dane on vacation somewhere in the world and decided to start a family and raise children in Denmark. Please, advance me I don’t drink, and I don’t smoke. As a fellow expat living in Denmark, I enjoyed your blog post until I reached the end. A nuclear fallout would take longer to reach Denmark than Canada . Find out here how to apply for one and what you need to do next. It seems that the email address you entered is unreachable. College costs in the US are skyrocketing, government assistance for college has become anemic, requirements for grants and scholarships are tightening, and California’s ScholarShare Program is projecting that, by the time my kids are college age, it will cost me over half a million USD to send them to college (and that’s probably assuming they only go for four years instead of the more realistic five years). Nobody was rude about it, but we did stand out a bit. Sorry, don’t agree with you. Thank you for the link, their work looks exactly like what my husband would like to be doing more of! Lemurflight. (I meet a lot of broken-hearted divorced Dads sentenced to 18 or more years of career-on-ice in Denmark because their kids are here.). It’s kind of hard to find good and cheap restaurant in Denmark, however there are many excellent finds in the cities, most of them aren’t that expensive either, A good advice for a cheap but decent meal is to go to the outer parts of the central cities and find restaurant with a nice ambiance. Although, most will get offended if haven’t even tried to learn the language when you’ve lived here a few years. I’m planning to go into Nursing while I’m Denmark. The hardest adjustment for me was the language then the weather. If you’re thinking of making Denmark your country, what can you do for Denmark? If you want to know how to buy a house in Denmark as a foreigner, a word of caution—the market may not be as fair to expats as it is to native Danes. You already have your mind set on this destination. Some of them are bound to be able to help you – although I suggest asking one question at a time! What you are decribing, does not sound like the Denmark I know and love! Okay thank you for the insightful reply! Hello all, quick questions as an american living in germany. For us it is not a problem, we will There are plenty of storage companies in the country. I’m trying to apply for a work visa or family reuinification but the rules on the nyidanmark website are so confusing to me. Why should you join the Expat.com community? But moving to Denmark with a U.S. passport isn’t as easy as just buying a plane ticket and a lot of sweaters. We list some of the best schools in Denmark, for several educational levels, whether they be private, public, or international schools. Typically, the first step will be to find a job because most visa types in Denmark require a work contract (or a promise of one). At the moment, both you and your partner must be at least 24 years old. Different rules apply depending on where you come from. Or, would I go on a tourist visa, then apply for residency once we are in Denmark. How about coming over to study part time and work part time? We’re thinking of moving to Denmark. Many unskilled jobs can be done with no or little Danish, also some customer service jobs, jobs with international companies. Although English is Denmark’s de facto second language, just speaking English is not enough to get you a job. Particularly since many of them (the Danish People’s Party comes to mind) already feel immigrants are a drain on the system. Ironically, to me, though you did a truly fine job in the majority of your post, it seems your message was lost on many who replied, who want more out of Denmark than they could offer the Danish society and coffers. The websites I visit have some units available but not many that are furnished. “Did you move to Denmark because you fell in love with a Dane?” I still get asked that question. Østerbro and Frederiksberg both have good living conditions, but most of them also, so that’s why they are also some of the expensive places to live. that simply don’t happen in Denmark because schools crack strongly down on things as bullying. Well – I do know that there is a shortage of doctors in the more scarcely populated parts of the country. We(especially my wife) buys exactly the cloth she wants, whenever she feels like it. The Danish person is nice, but Danish people, in groups, left a very very bad taste in my mouth. For instance, you may have a harder time finding a reasonable mortgage rate. When I returned to Ohio, it never felt like home again. So what should I do first, travel over to Denmark and see what’s out there or should I just forget about Denmark and be unhappy. It is very informative and the title gave me a good chuckle. I’m a x-ray tech here in the states, but I have no clue what the job market is like and if I would be able to support myself. Or can I get a job in one of the nursing homes.I’m planning to live in Amager. They will leave you alone if you put out the energy that you do not want to be included, or do not want to talk. I have cycled to work for many decades and look forward to the apparently fantastic bike infrastructure. Thank you all in advance! Your partner must have his or her own home large enough for both of you to live in. There are several ways you can ship your household goods to Denmark. In fact, some visa types can be processed and approved in a matter of two weeks. That said, the ‘free’ college promised in Bernie Sanders speeches is not ‘free’ for you as a non-EU citizen – you’ll have to pay tuition of around USD2000 per course, plus your living expenses, which are substantial in Denmark. If you are worried about the process of giving birth in Denmark, you have nothing to worry about. Then you have where I live, in Sacramento, in the northern part of what we refer to as “The Central Valley” (which consists of two main valleys, the Sacramento Valley in the north and the San Joaquin Valley from just south of Sacramento all the way down between Bakersfield and LA). My tax burden is around 45% of my income, not counting the 25% sales taxes on most things that I purchase.). After the United States, it is the second most popular immigration destination in the world.

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