Isabella Rose Giannulli
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Isabella Rose Giannulli

Before we begin, I want to say that my initial discovery of The Anthology is a coincidental one. “Our house style features extended wide shoulders, a low gorge and a specific balance of collar and lapel proportions that we’ve been tweaking for almost a year,” says Tang. The Scabal suit, in particular, appears to be much lighter in the photos than it is in real life (picture 5 probably shows the best of its actual color). The duo draws inspiration from traditional Florentine tailoring for this, and certainly, the straight, almost convex line of their lapels, has more than a whiff of northern Italian tailoring about them. I like working in a team and have always enjoyed collaboration. Third-party plug-ins such as Elevate and EQuivocate are not eligible toward Anthology XI upgrades. I’m not a big fan of his style, from the pictures I’ve seen, but looking forward to your review. RR1 is the private membership club that brings the pages of Robb Report to life. Have you ever used P.A Crowe? I thought Anthology was bespoke but Prologue refers to themselves as MTM? But, I seem to recall you were going to do an orazio luciano review. We don’t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we don’t sell your information to others. To me at least, originality is one of our utmost strengths. Was there anything specific you were interested in with that piece? If you want a cut similar to this, then your options for bespoke basically are the Anthology or Prologue. Launched in 2018, The Anthology was created by the combination of London-educated Buzz Tang (below) and Hong Kong tailor Andy Chong, using a ... Suits November 20 th 2019 Read More This is quite a contrast to some of my existing bespoke jackets, say the one from Tai Pan Row for example, which not only has a very thick and straight buttonhole, but also the stitching comes in a darker shade; making it much more apparent visually speaking. You mentioned about how grey herringbone works well because of its versatility. It also looks very relaxed and casual, not sloppy but certainly wearable with jeans (though that would be easier with patch pockets, and it is heavily dependent on the cloth). To make an already great product even better, The Anthology is donating 100% from all 300 knitted t-shirts to non-profits helping to fight COVID-19. But I would repeat that this is a good suit, well fitted, a great style (for me) and excellent value. “We believe that the first cut has to be as precise as possible, because it’s tricky to rectify a pattern after a fitting. It’s something that Buzz Tang — co-founder of bespoke clothier The Anthology — is adamant about. It’s something that has come from trying a pretty wide range, and then settling where I’m comfortable. Enter maximum price Shipping Free shipping. Luckily, there’s always to, Do your walls need a pop of color? Yes, Zhen, I have. In consideration of Asia’s hot and humid weather, and the decreasing formality of the modern workplace, we settled on a house style adapted for these conditions: something that is softer, lighter and in essence comfortable. Luxury Men's Suits, Made in Italy since 1934. See also: 11 Best Barber Shops In Hong Kong. I view the establishment of the business here as a kind of cultural bridging process. The Anthology, 7/F, 8 On Wo Lane, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2799 3078, For your daily updates on all things luxury, follow us at @lifestyleasiahk, Bake The Peninsula Hong Kong’s legendary raisin scones from the hotel’s new e-cookbook, Frank Gehry lends his Midas touch to Hennessy X.O’s 150th anniversary bottle, New Eats: White truffle season descends on Castellana, Aria and more, 6 incredible Watches and Wonders pieces that you can get now on Net-a-Porter and Mr Porter, Why the tourmaline, October’s birthstone, can appeal to everyone, Patek Philippe revisits its iconic Twenty~4 classic with the new ‘Manchette’ collection, LSA Curates: Baan View Talay offers a private bird’s eye view over Koh Samui, 5 ways to satisfy your wanderlust without leaving Hong Kong, Round up your posse for the ultimate island escape at Baan Ratree, This Botticelli painting is expected to sell for a record HK$620 million, MoMA Design Store launches ‘The Record Shop’ pop-up at K11 Musea, Sotheby’s announces auction celebrating the cultural impact of hip hop, Q&A: Paula’s Choice founder Paula Begoun busts common beauty myths, A first look at Byredo’s unexpected foray into the makeup world, featuring Isamaya Ffrench, Do these steps to keep your sun-kissed glow after a beach trip, Plaza Collection at Mill Hill is northwest London’s answer to Kowloon Tong, 27 Questions: Cara Li, Co-founder of Matchali, Explore KitchenAid’s range of colourful kitchen essentials, Rent your next luxury yacht with these charter services in Hong Kong, Why the Apple Watch Series 6 is a must-have for health monitoring, Rolls-Royce’s new Ghost, Maserati’s MC20 supercar and other exciting car releases, Q&A: Buzz Tang of The Anthology on Chinese craftsmanship and the importance of originality. Sorry. I’m thinking dark browns and possibly charcoals, but am curious to know what works for you. Thanks! I also must add that I am pleased that yr finally pulling the trigger on a possible pink addition to yr PS line up of OCBDs! Proudly created with. We’re primarily a concept shop — a place that tells our own story through a nuanced take and very careful curation. Thanks for another invaluable piece. After all, they are simply different styles and are not meant to be contested against each other. For example in your travels to Italy I’m sure you’ve seen a wider aesthetic in regards to colour. He told us about SuitWalk — a local equivalent to Florence’s biannual Pitti Uomo tradeshow — and that gave us an approximation of Taiwan’s growing enthusiasm for classic menswear. I know them, but no more than that I’m afraid. I fully agree with you Simon on your assessment of the Antholgy. Despite a surfeit of remote tailoring businesses, I firmly believe that the medium requires human interaction; and we strive to provide just that (plus a bit of good old fashioned hospitality) as opposed to simply being a retail service. What self respecting flaneur wouldn’t be at this price ? With Vincent Price, John Carradine, Anthony Steel, Roger Sloman. This suit looks amazing and the value seems very good. In any event, the business is very much a passion project: I’ve been hooked on tailored clothing since my father (through his own tailor) helped to commission my first suit. To put it this way, even Buzz himself pointed out one time, 'everything about us, except the brand name itself, is quite modern.'. I think the words of the review do make clear this is positive. Admittedly, tailors in Hong Kong with sufficient technical skill can replicate all of these details but what they can’t is our eye for creative design. One question from me – if one was restricted to London fittings, how long would it take from start to finish ? Tweed trousers are generally a mistake: bagging; wear around the seat; rumpling etc etc. “While our atelier needed to close for a number of weeks, we’re now back to normal,” explains Tang. Thanks again for all of the information, research, and enjoyment which yr posts bring! You’d be looking at three appointments probably, so 6-9 months. It’s has great integrity. Eventide's native plug-ins do not require the use of an iLok USB dongle. I also imagine it will be quite versatile. Are you by any chance planning anything with Kenjiro Suzuki or Corcos in the future btw? Although it breaks with my made in the UK rule, I’m sorely tempted. Given the infamously high cost of rent in Hong Kong, and the proliferation of “tailors” aimed at the city’s young professionals, were you nervous to open here? You cannot go wrong with Fox Heritage flannel. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. They sometimes slip a little, and I don't find them as comfortable as lower ones. Hi, Also charcoal, all colours around beige and stone, and dark navy. But while I love, I have no hesitation recommending it to someone who likes the style, and whose budget is around the £1,440 (ex-VAT) The Anthology currently charge as a starting price (with jackets from £1,050, the cashmere one I had from Ferdinando Caraceni, Prologue semi-bespoke summer jacket: Review, New pop-up brands announced: Adret, Prologue, Anthology, Prologue: China-made sartorial-style tailoring. $90. But very briefly, high rise is relative and can mean different heights. The Anthology has also been lucky enough to work through today’s Covid-19 uncertainty pretty speedily now that things are stabilizing in mainland China, which has boosted the pair’s sense of optimism. I haven't fully come to a conclusion on which method is a better one. The open fronts also look great; come to think of it, the whole silhouette is just wonderful. I understand why you pick a palette of restrained, muted tones (long term investment, discrimination of taste etc.) Hong Kong doesn’t have the tailoring heritage that hardcore menswear enthusiasts often seek out. It keeps it rather formal, despite having a minimal amount of padding. How does the quality of bespoke by Anthology compare with Whitcomb and Shaftesbury? THE PURSUANCE OF STYLE, CRAFTSMANSHIP, AND SUSTAINABILITY, When I first started out writing about tailoring (or craftsmanship in general), I told myself one thing ―, 'while there is plenty to fantasize and romanticize about the traditional houses and their heritage, it is equally important to stay open-minded to trying out new and rising tailors. (Photo credits to The Anthology), Trouser fitting. Dear Simon, OK Log In. Today, knowing first hand what cashmere used to be, not one is worthy of even a coat. Sometimes it could be more visually apparent (picture above), other times it sits rather nicely (picture below). So I want to start by taking a closer look at the brand's house style. Getting the correct fit is always our greatest priority but in the grand scheme of things having a unique perspective on style is monumentally important. Yes, dark green and dark brown are good. And the designs are all very similar too, often inspired by traditional Harris ones. Are there any other third party brands you’ll be stocking in the future? Get ready for autumn. and enjoy Free digital access. (Photo credits to The Anthology), © 2023 by The Suitstainable Man. This is my first suit from Hong Kong and Taipei-based tailor The Anthology. Overall, I’m sure there are things that Buzz and the team will change in the future - whether it’s points of tailoring or of process. Save them for shooting when there’s little sitting down! Nice point. I have a grey herringbone tweed jacket (from Orazio) and find it hard to find pants that match with it aside from grey, khaki, and olive. I get the feeling (and I believe you mentioned in a previous post) that doing such a process is hard because of the simar texture of the cloths. No, not at all. Hopefully have the final jacket in the next few weeks. I think my work and personal style is largely suited to a jacket and separate trouser ‘uniform’ that you have written about previously. For those of you who've got a chance to take a look of my recent review of my Whitcomb & Shaftesbury safari suit, you may notice there are quite a few differences between these two in terms of their structure ― one of which is the amount of padding it contains for the shoulders. I keep coming back to my Anthology jackets because they just fit so well and comfortably. I’d also strongly agree with Robin that some photos of the weak points might have been helpful for my learning and understanding (noting that this would further temper the positive impression). Go with Fox Heritage Flannel. Really thanks for your honest review. Best wishes. In any case, both are amazing cloth, with the former being one of the most praised cloth in the tailoring community and the latter being one that works perfectly as a three-reason cloth. That makes me jealous. £1500 is still a lot for a suit for most people, and it’s a good starting point for many. We’re not too concerned because we have a strong clientele, which we believe is a testimony to the consumer’s ability to sift out the gems.

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