drift diving tips
YOUR SAFETY FIRST: Crews trained in CDC & WHO COVID-19 infection prevention & control procedures. Learn More       YOUR SAFETY FIRST: Crews trained in CDC & WHO COVID-19 infection prevention & control procedures. Learn More       YOUR SAFETY FIRST: Crews trained in CDC & WHO COVID-19 infection prevention & control procedures. Learn More       YOUR SAFETY FIRST: Crews trained in CDC & WHO COVID-19 infection prevention & control procedures. Learn More       YOUR SAFETY FIRST: Crews trained in CDC & WHO COVID-19 infection prevention & control procedures. Learn More       YOUR SAFETY FIRST: Crews trained in CDC & WHO COVID-19 infection prevention & control procedures. Learn More      

drift diving tips

For example, in some environments, divers commonly use reef hooks to remain in key areas such as cleaning stations. Cozumel has some of the healthiest reefs in the Caribbean. Deploy a marker buoy and/or activate your GPS at the surface as briefed. 5203 S. Rangeline Rd, Joplin, MO | (417) 659-9009, Receive our New Posts Right to your Inbox. Training Fundamentals: Top Tips for Drift Diving . Most initial diver training takes place in relatively calm conditions, such as secluded lagoons, simple reefs or a freshwater lake. About Us. Contact Us for Custom Scuba Instruction. As you ascend, try to maintain the same depth as the guide and your buddy. Use the safety sausage to mark yourself once on the surface so boats know where you are. Trying new dive equipment, such as a mask you just bought, can also be difficult, as it will take your focus away from the dive. Share. 650 Castro Street It’s also important to stay close to your buddy on a drift dive. Note compass bearings and direction instructions and, very importantly, emergency procedures. Look/Listen for boat traffic. You should work as a team. Even if you’re not a regular drift diver, you should always carry a surface marker buoy (SMB) with you. Stay in your comfort zone and work on your technique until you feel confident. Look for clues and cues from other divers, as if watching other drivers in heavy traffic. Name . The western shores of this Mexican island are washed by a steady stream of clear oceanic water that nurtures a colorful crop of corals and sponges. Thus, this type of dive is more relax and doesn’t require so much effort. Expert Drift Diving Tips. Extreme Product Feature - SCUBAPRO Snorkels, Underwater Life - Crawdad (Crawfish, Crayfish), © Extreme Sports Scuba 2004-2020, All Rights Reserved. Most boat captains prefer to have divers come up in clusters, but if you have to come up early for whatever reason, follow safety sausage rules. Nicole has been a certified SCUBA diver since July 2013. Phone * Town * Email * Got a Question? One day in June 2012…, Following a period of intensive reviews and assents, we are delighted to announce that we…, Herts Dive Club is excited to announce that we are now able to offer an…, Some recent animation work from one of the club's youngest members who is studying graphic…, After weeks of work, checking and double checking, HDC is happy to announce that the…, By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. The water movement is slower the closer you are to the reef or bottom, so try to stay as low as possible. You expend less energy propelling yourself through the waters. The ocean will always be stronger than you. If there’s a chance of strong currents and, potentially, group separation, each diver should carry a DSMB and reel. Essential Drift Diving Photo Tips Maximize Photo Opportunities and Capture Great Shots on your Next Dive. The PADI Drift Diver speciality course can be quite useful to help hammer home the basics, but nothing beats experience. Is the whole group ascending together at the end of the dive? Currents have different strengths and speeds at different depths, so try to stay in formation with the guide and your buddy. Is the guide towing a marker throughout the dive? But there are some helpful tips to keep in mind. more information Accept. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s a SCUBA diver riding the current. Relax, enjoy, be safe, and have fun. Angle yourself in a flat, horizontal position where possible. There is an SDI class that goes into further detail on how to drift dive. Complete your pre-dive buddy checks very thoroughly. However, drift diving isn’t intrinsically dangerous. Name * First Last. Keep your mask on and regulator in your mouth in case you need to swim face-down to the boat. Stay focused on where you’re headed. Where To Go Drift Diving? Then, make sure you have everything including a marker buoy. Plan the dive, dive the plan. While if you are unprepared, this can be a stressful type of diving, the reality is this can be an extremely beneficial type of diving. Carry and use an SMB Even if you’re not a regular drift diver, you should always carry a surface marker buoy (SMB) with you. This can be quite challenging and, if you get it wrong, hazardous. In the PADI Drift Diver specialty course, you will learn how to perform basic drift diving with the following skills: Using floats, lines, reels, reef hooks and buoys to navigate and resurface safely; Buoyancy control – you want to master neutral buoyancy first. Get the latest deals straight to your inbox. Make sure to do your safety stops, keeping yourself between 10 and 20 feet for 3-5 minutes before ascending to the surface. Make sure that when the guide or driver gives the signal to enter the water, you’re ready. If you drift too far away from other divers in your group, you will need to be able to signal on your own for a safe ascent. A properly placed reef hook can also allow you to stay off the reef comfortably without damaging corals. Here are our top tips for staying safe when drift diving. But, conversely, the current will sometimes force you apart. Sign up now to receive our latest blog posts and happenings with Extreme Sports Scuba straight to your inbox. Preferably a good guide, which brings us to the next tip…. This way, you can check your gas-pressure gauge and make buoyancy adjustments to your jacket or wing’s low-pressure inflator with your left hand, while simultaneously monitoring your computer display as the current pushes you along. In others, they’re very much frowned upon due to their potentially damaging contact with the environment. If you get to the dive site, or if at any point during your dive you suddenly feel that you need to get out of the water, it might be your instincts telling you the conditions are unsuitable for you that day. Taking a large, bulky camera might not be appropriate in some currents. You’ll learn what the dive will be like in your dive briefing. No, not until May 1... Who says you can’t fish off paddle boards? The reality is that all regions of Indonesia experience currents – it’s just a matter of degree. Look for experienced crew, a knowledgeable captain and an excellent dive guide – you need to know that they’ve got your back should the current get the best of you. Tilt your feet and ankles to make small adjustments like a submarine and you’ll soon discover you’re able to discreetly make small directional changes in the current. Time can fly as you’re flying through the water, so be sure to agree upon gas and no-stop limits before entering the water so that you can monitor them carefully and signal accordingly. Take the equipment you need. There is a good flow of water around the islands and kilometers of coastline to drift along. Note other key information — is the entry standard or negative? Try to concentrate on just the dive. Famous Female Divers: Simone Melchior Cousteau, Harlequin Shrimp: Flamboyant Coral Reef Guardians. Drift diving allows access to some of the most interesting and exciting dive sites on the planet. California 94041. Locate your fins and mask. As you start making your ascent to the surface, remember Marker buoy rules. Drift diving can be effortless or challenging, depending on the dive site. I had never even considered Scuba diving as a hobby. Also, keep an eye on your gauges, your depths, and of course your computer. In fast-moving water, plan ahead during the dive as if you’re driving a fast car. Put the Boy Scout Motto into practice. This prevents you from getting caught up in coral heads, wrecks, other groups of divers, etc. Here are some of our top tips for your best drift dives yet. Consider leaving large cameras and strobes on the boat for this dive — if the current is extremely strong you won’t be pausing for photos. Each drift dive has unique challenges and procedures, so pay attention to the briefing. When you surface, board the boat as instructed in the briefing. Carry a whistle or other audible alarm too should you need to signal your dive boat. This could be considered an advanced diving practice, but keeping everything in mind, it’s a breeze. If you’re renting, check the gear; check the reviews on the Internet; ask about their first-aid supplies and missing-diver protocols. You expend less energy propelling yourself through the waters. Planned drift dives are a sublime experience as one floats weightless through a colorful reef amongst the fish. Generally, if you haven’t identified your group in approximately a minute, begin to slowly ascend in accordance with your dive computer’s instructions. You need to know information such as tidal movements, specifically, dive sites to avoid on rising or falling tides. By Marcus Knight In the Water Training Sep 14, 2018. If you become lost or separated from the group, breathe, stop, think and act. Basically, you kick less for those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to dive in ocean waters yet. But don’t take a giant leap into a situation that scares you. Text and Photos By Brent Durand SHARE THIS STORY. Of course you should always dive with equipment in perfect condition, but when a fin strap breaks in a current, it’s a bit more challenging to deal with than on a standard dive. But in the lake, you have to keep kicking your fins to propel yourself through the water. Know your limits and “Dive Like Mike”* if you need to. Your email address will not be published. If you’re going to be doing a few drift dives, make sure all your gear and safety equipment is in working order before you jump in the water.

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