mlb expansion and realignment
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mlb expansion and realignment

4 and No. Due to this, the Mountain Division will have the most travel stress of any division.

MLB continues to review a myriad of proposals for finding a way to salvage the 2020 season, which remains on indefinite suspension amid the coronavirus pandemic. Montreal has a stadium and a fan base. Drop your suggestions and critiques below! Miami, Tampa Bay, and Atlanta would benefit from this change, as they would no longer have to make the trek up to New York. MLB operated as a 16-team league from 1901 through 1960, so this arrangement has a bit of a "throwback times two" feel. That keeps the total playoff field at 10 teams.

Let’s all give a warm welcome back to the Montreal Expos.

It's hard to imagine the Bay Bridge Series becoming a divisional rivalry, but 2020 has brought all kinds of crazy into this world. It’s been 20 years since an MLB expansion and realignment (not counting moving the Astros to the AL in 2013 so they could win the 2017 World Series).

This is really a pointless exercise, but just for the fun of it I took a shot at what an expanded and realigned league might look like. One idea had the potential new divisions based on spring training facility location was organized as such: NORTHEAST: Giants, A's, Chicago Cubs, Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado RockiesWEST: Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago White Sox, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians, Los Angeles Angels.NORTHWEST: Milwaukee Brewers, San Diego Padres, Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, Kansas City Royals. Here's the alignment I've come up with: AL East: Baltimore, Boston, NY Yankees, 5 seeds. Thankfully, this scribe is hear to tell you how you should feel about all that. Expansion isn’t the touchy part — pretty much everyone figures MLB will eventually have 32 teams — but it’s the realignment that gets people all hot and bothered. If the series is tied 1-1 after those first two, then Games 2 and 3 become a double-header on that same day. Each team will be seeded based on their records, with division winners recieving seeds 1–4, runners up recieving 5–8, and wild cards with 9–12. As a young person, I can’t remember the last time expansion took place, and my interest was piqued (editor’s note, it was 1998.) Moving Colorado to the AL and Tampa to the NL may make fans in CO and Tampa temporarily unhappy, but they’ll be able to make new rivalries. Portland and Montreal are ready. So, improving the pace of play will bring in more fans and more revenue. And the owners, like our employers, shouldn’t cut their pay either. There are four divisions of eight teams— the Atlantic, the Metropolitan, the Central, and the Pacific, exactly the same as the NHL. 3 seeds in each league play in the other LDS. For the next round, it gets more normal.
First off, you're going to want to click through and give Ringolsby's story a full read. The MLBPA, and frankly many fans, have been concerned about collusion to not sign players to drop their prices. Does the above do that? Anyhow, change is coming, and the challenge is to come up with a suite of changes that's both palatable to stakeholders who want to see the sport evolve and traditionalists who stand athwart most ideas to that end. One radical idea the league is considering involves a complete realignment of the National and American leagues, USA Today's Bob Nightengale reports citing league sources. But they need to be on the same page. Now that we’ve laid out the league structure and playoffs, we’ll get back to the DH rule that was mentioned earlier. Whatever. I picked Nashville as our first expansion cities, as it has the hottest rumors surrounding it currently.

Will what follows be broken up into easily digestible sections for today's busy executive? Under the revived 154-game slate, a given team plays the other 15 teams in its league 10 times apiece. What cities would you like to see MLB expansion franchises in? Since it's hard to imagine that the DH will go away (for the MLBPA to sign off on losing the DH, it would require major concessions elsewhere on the part of team owners -- concessions that owners are unlikely to make), the days of pitchers hitting would likely be over under this scenario. We can adjust to new rules too. MLB Expansion/Realignment Proposal #2. While that may be the case, the soft salary cap known as the “luxury tax” incentivizes owners to not spend more.

Get interleague play down to four games so it regains some novelty appeal and doesn't corrupt the schedule as much.

Plenty of proposals will be thrown at MLB in the coming weeks, but ultimately the health and safety of those within the league should take precedent. What about those remaining four tilts? More scheduled rest will reduce the number of injuries and keep the star players on the field every day so when little Timmy gets to attend, his favorite player isn’t riding the pine on his unscheduled rest day. Out of all of the MLB, Kansas City got it worst in my model, but this is still not bad at all. Anyhow, making the wild-card round a best-of-three ensures that fans of each playoff team will get to see their team play at least one home game in the postseason. However, the current system has its flaws. Following the addition of the Montreal Expos and Carolina Flight to Major League Baseball, we need to add them into the league. All Rights Reserved. Our last new division covers only the Pacific Time Zone, saving fans in the former AL and NL West from some late nights watching games taking place on the coast. 2) Equally intermix 4 AL & … Personally, I think this new alignment would be awesome. If you don’t pinch hit for your pitcher, a bench player is not wasted. The top three teams in each league get a bye past the wild-card round, which will be played by the No.

MLB Expansion, Realignment Rumors Despite the current landscape of the game with proposed rule changes and debating stadium netting, neither topic was broached. A modest expansion of just two teams allows for a greater likelihood for those clubs to be competitive as well. Under this proposal, we go back to a 154-game regular season, which is what was in place from 1920-61. Thursday Morning Minnesota: Waiting for the off season edition. Whenever the topic comes up, fans begin to dream of scenarios involving new cities and franchises. I’m originally from the D.C. area and support the Nats. I agree with everything you want in the MLB-now the teams I want are the Portland Pioneers and the Montreal Voyageurs. Guess what that means?

One proposal would be to geographically restructure into four divisions, which would create a major reduction in travel, particularly for teams on the East Coast and West Coast, and add to the natural rivalries by not just having them as interleague attractions, but rather a part of the regular divisional battles. Even what should have been blockbuster trades turned out to just be multiple teams stealing from the Marlins open casket. The Rays moving and MLB adding two expansion teams would force realignment and potentially cut back on travel, something everyone (players, reporters, broadcasters, owners, … © 2004-2020 CBS Interactive. The complete breakdown of AL/NL structure and loss of rivalries is what makes the proposed plan here not as good. 2. and No. Since MLB has been postponed and we are quarantined, I would like to present my future MLB Realignment masterplan with expansion and relocation. The most interesting hypothetical is MLB's getting rid of AL-NL distinctions altogether and divvying up all 32 teams into four divisions of eight teams each, sorted geographically. The furthest trip in the division would be Baltimore to Miami, a mere 2 hour and 45 minute flight.

The MLB expansion and realignment table above provides travel relief to teams and players, which is good for cutting expenses and improving rest. To alleviate that, I propose MLB expansion to 32 teams. One radical idea the league is considering involves a complete realignment of the National and American leagues, USA Today's Bob Nightengale reports citing league sources. All teams being competitive is good for baseball, fans, and cities. time-zone changes (known to negatively affect teams), Only three teams spent less than that number on their Opening Day 2017 roster, Much like we can be more productive when we work fewer hours, so can they. MLB's reported wild realignment and expansion plan: Is it cool? If you aren’t going to spend on talent, you don’t get to keep your team. Since Bud Selig was in the middle years of his lengthy tenure, the two leagues have been gradually sloughing off the differences that defined them for so long (notwithstanding the DH issue). This round of MLB expansion and realignment focuses on reducing travel and time-zone changes (known to negatively affect teams) while keeping rivalries intact.

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