ring shared device not showing up
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ring shared device not showing up

First find Function Discovery Provider Host, Double click it and change start up to Automatic (Delayed Start).

in the Network at the top eg \\Liveroom1 and enter. Thanks to you I

I just switched from ExpressVPN to NordVPN and the problem went away.
In this case, you should restart the setup procedure and when you get to this step look for a slowly pulsing light on your device. 6. Though it’s not showing, the reason behind is your Ring Video Doorbell is running on battery power mode. So maybe it is more related to using a VPN network than resetting the network settings?

I don't know if this worked due to the reset or just because I didn't try it before. etc. Join Our Community. But one of the machine (Windows 7 professional 64bit) Not able to find other devices through my network places. I have spent months doing all the things that I could find on the net and nothing worked. Also if I turned on media streaming it would show up as a device in the browser. open control panel > Administrative tools >Services or just type Services in the search bar and select it with the mouse. Its a DHCP Network. For Ring Alarm system Shared User invitations, it may take up to 15 minutes for the devices to appear in their Ring app. I guess Win 10 doesn't know what it is, so just sticks it under Orher Devoces. Windows 10 Pro is one of the worst Windows Microsoft has ever created! This worked. If I click on the network tab and enter \\MJM, that PC appears on the network tab and can be accesses. Tap Add User. I was able to map and access the shared drives on that system but it was driving me crazy that I could not see it in the browser. Maddening. On my HP laptop PC, I can now "see" itself in Windows/File Explorer having now started UPnP service and If I go to any of the other Win 7/8 pc's I can see my Shared Win 10 pc computer icon and access that ok. Bring your mobile device to the area where your Ring device is installed. Try to sell a car which will stop if you push the accelerator and will accelerate if you step on the gas pedal!!! Windows not able to find network devices, But I can ping IP Address My Network is connected 5 windows machines, 2 Network Printers and one Network Storage. Protect Yourself From Tech Support Scams There are other even more disastrous issues that I won't bring up here that have completely hampered my to Automatic start. This seemed to be the ONLY thing that worked. Select the devices you want to share with this person. Microsoft global customer service number.

Who knew this simple little reset would fix it for me. Shut down all computers on the network. Thanks! I have no need for a static IP for this machine, so I did not look any further into a solution. \\computername probably always would have worked. I am on Build 17661. Go back to the first one that shows all the computers. If it is not already running click start in the left window highlighted in Blue, Now find Function Discovery Resource Publication, which is directly below it , Double click it and change start up to Automatic (Delayed Start) again.
The Liveroom computer looking icon under Other devices ended up being a Google Chrome adapter. After hours of web searching and trying multiple different setting options i came across this website. Its the only "home premium" Win10 system, all the others with Win10 Pro worked fine after the "Fall Creator's Update", Just to add to comments here, "network reset" also worked for me.

Microsoft keeps changing Windows. The Win 7 / 8 pc's can see their shared computer icon in their local Network window. my laptop PC on the network, but cannot copy/modify/write files in Windows/File Explorer. Tap Send Invite. you want access. Cheers, Since updating to Win 10 build 1607 on all my pc's i can now see all the shared network drives locally in the Network window, and on all my other networked computers. work flow. I am really tiored to have new update that regularly destroy my network, and impose to me to spend some of my time and my life to work on so stupid problem. workgroup, the computer showed up.

I then had my relative instead send a share invitation directly to my Ring e-mail address. That did the trick quickly. Thanks so much for solving this Microsoft-created bug which had been over me for so many months now ! As of 24/1 2019 this is still an issue with the services set to manual. However if I go to my other Win 10 pc on the network it cannot see This was definitely the problem. I tried everything here in the thread, including Network Reset, multiple times setting all kinds of network settings, disabling/enabling

I have just installed a wired camera and want to share it with my wife. This fixed it for me too. As a result, your Ring app is unable to show you a Live View or display a video recording from your Ring camera(s). As usual, this may work for me and not others as I had made other changes months ago and gave up.. Hopefully the solution that worked for me will work for you. After the test is done, look at the small table under the gauge. also not able to ping hostname (Ping request could not I just had this issue on the app, but after about an hour of playing with the app I found the solution (at least for me). I turned on media streaming it would show up as a device in the browser.

To start, open up the Ring app on your smartphone and tap on your Let’s try these methods and check if that does the trick: Method 1: I would suggest you to clear the DNS cache and see if that fixes the issue. I contacted customer support regarding the issue and they said they are aware of it and should have a fix soon. !1, If I had more time, I would set up a website named: "Life through the Windows of Paradise". Not to say the suggestions in the thread won't either, but. I could see other machines on the LAN, but not the same win 10 machine. How satisfied are you with this response? Click on the Start button in the center of the gauge to start the test. However, she should still be able to go in the app, select the device she does not want the motion alerts and toggle the 'motion alerts' button off. Copy that folder to each one of your network computers. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Function Discovery Provider Host and Function Discovery Resource Publication are already running for me. Also got this problem after updating to Fall Creator's Update. ...and then I restarted the system, and it really worked, thanks for the help bro!!! This is trick I learned through trial and error. I had this problem on a Windows 10 HOME system with ALL the latest updates installed. All the workstations are in the same workgroup. I simply disabled the "local adapter" NetBios and bingo it showed in the network map. You may power Ring Doorbell using internal battery or you can connect it via wire to your existing Ring doorbell wiring. Re: New device not showing up in shared devices. GeorgRa, Thank you, this has worked for me...at least this one time.

I had a similar issue where 1/3 of the PCs on my home network did not show up in the network browser (all Win10). Hope this helps. Tap Send Invite. I have reset the Modem and switches along the way and same problem. Note: If you have more than one Location with Ring devices, make sure you’re on the correct Location. Join Our Community Share feature requests, get help, and discuss the latest in security with your fellow users on Ring's first neighbor-to-neighbor community forum. I also noticed that when I rebooted the VPN software I use (ExpressVPN) wasn't running. Microsoft has royally messed up their Windows networking systems. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. I have an HP laptop and an HP all-in-one desktop PC, both running the latest build (as at the date of this posting) of Windows 10 version 1709. Join Our Community Share feature requests, get help, and discuss the latest in security with your fellow users on Ring's first community forum. I have tried changing the Shared Win 10 computer name and Workgroup name and no difference. However, even though all the drives and folders are set up properly as shares, the Windows 10 PC is still blocking access to those shares, even with the firewalls turned off. 4. Of cours, this is from January 2016 so it is completly out of date, because Microsoft loves so much to change evrything all the time, So, it does not work. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Why-can-t-I-see-other-computers-on-my-network, http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Why-can-t-I-connect-to-other-computers. 2. Assign the shared devices. This thread is locked. Any thoughts what to do Thanks Nico. This thread is mostly about not being able to see a computer on your lan in windows explorer under "network" while typing \\computername would work. If I close WEx I have to repeat the process. But when I click my name I see multiple options. Never had any problems with this before some recent update about a month ago. I just remembered that I had recently (before this very same problem occurred for me) had my router assign a static IP to my local machine. If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. Ensure the switches for both Ring Alerts and Motion Alerts are toggled on (they’ll both be blue). Hope that helps! Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary I can see all the other (Non Win 10) shared pc's in the Network, so only appears to be a problem with the Win 10 pc's that have been upgraded from Win 7 / 8. set it to automatically start, but not the HP desktop PC. My other device is showing up. \\COMPUTERNAME worked! Clearing the DNS cache forces DNS to query a DNS server rather than using information stored in the cache. The only thing that fixed it was doing a. Could this have something to do with the limited home networking features of Windows 10 Home? I have a Windows 10 64bit Pro PC and have shared my local C and D Drives via a Workgroup Lan setup with other Windows 7/8/10 pc's. Then I removed the shared user. Was previously sharing the Doorbell fine, but after adding a security camera could not get it to show up on the shared person's account. I have also upgraded two other Win 7 pc's today to Windows 10 and both of those are also (not showing) the local shared computer icon in their Network window. It works well.

I can see all the other Win 7/8/10 pcs on the network and access them ok. The network computers discovery method was WSD. This only has to be set once per PC. If you need to remove access, you need to first remove the light group and then you can see the device in shared users.

It appears randomly and defies any logic, means a PC that yesterday was shown in the list all of a sudden doesn't despite no network settings having been changed. I have no idea why these 2 services on my PC had been set to manual, and I have no idea why they were not even running. Ultimately, I uninstalled the app on the other person's phone. Or just go to the folder and click on the computer .. Now restart the PC. Also made sure there were no ## Entries in the Registry Mountpoints2 as per the Thread suggestions. In your current network "profile" look for "Turn On Automatic Setup Of Network Connected Devices" and IP Address associated to it but is not the local computers IP address and cannot be deleted.

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