sabres jersey history
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sabres jersey history

Even with all the fiddling about, the colour scheme is still fantastic and the uniforms as a whole are nothing short of spectacular.

One silver lining: the numbers on the chest of the jersey, something new in the league at the time. Even the 2004-05 lockout could not solve the Sabres’ woes, as Buffalo’s 2005-06 entry was done in by the idiotic puck-over-the-glass rule. In 2008, the Sabres introduced an alternate jersey that paid homage to their original kits, though swapping royal blue for navy. Yes, the gold trim is back and yes, navy as a primary colour is not necessarily a death knell, but the grey (and the white, for that matter) accents cancel out the brightness of the gold, resulting a drab uniform that is thoroughly sickening to behold, much less wear. Buffalo Sabres 2020-21 road jersey. Starting in 1978-79 for example, the Sabres began featuring their primary logo on their shoulder. The script on the front? Imagine, for instance, the Detroit Red Wings trying to do the same thing. This was a great look for the time. The Buffalo Sabres have worn several different jersey styles over the years. That said, it’s a shame they won’t just bring back the originals and call it a day. Hockey-Reference utilizes Official NHL data for current NHL seasons. I’m only sad that I never got to see this jersey in action, as it faded out right as I got into watching the sport and the Sabres. The dumb logo, stupid wordmark, weirdly shaped collar and insistence on using grey make this third jersey a complete dud. The Sabres were just so considerate to their fans.

It’s not the cleanest kit. The addition of the 50th anniversary patch for this past season still keeps things basically streamlined, but I’m still not a big fan of the obnoxiously-thick stripe on the bottom of the jersey. This is. No shoulder logo? Do you have a sports website? Overall, this jersey was a nice nod to the rich hockey history of the city of Buffalo. blue of the jerseys, and the quilted numbers are kinda cool. Buffalo, however, has pulled this one off rather nicely. Why not pop it on the shoulder?

This wasn’t a huge change from the team’s first jerseys, but it was the first time we saw player names on the backs of jerseys! All rights reserved. This was a great look, perfect for the wintry atmosphere of the 2008 Winter Classic. Buy his book.

The helmet and front of the pants are punctuated by a golden charging buffalo logo. But that wasn’t true to the original. The Sabres, in true Buffalo sports fashion, closed out the old Buffalo Memorial Auditorium in 1995-96 by missing the playoffs.

It’s only slightly different from the previous look (thinner sock stripes) and it still has a lot of stripes in general, but it’s perhaps my favorite iteration of the “classic” jersey from back in the day. This jersey is high up on my list, likely because it reminds me of when I first started watching this team. Simply put, the Buffaslug jersey is truly one of the most revolting pieces of apparel the world has ever seen.

The Sabres announced plans for a third sweater in celebration of their “Golden Season”.

For the love of all that is good and pure, STOP WITH THE GREY. For 1983-84, the Sabres thickened their kits’ striping, which helped to really fill out the uniforms. Or write about sports? This announcement was made no doubt to appease the fanbase but also to build some goodwill for the release of the sweater the following day. The contrasting nameplates look great on the royal (hooray!) The primary logo has been reduced to a buffalo’s head, symbolising the team’s fair city but seemingly leaving out the team’s moniker altogether. Record (W-L-T-OTL): Yikes. The alternate jersey, also introduced that year, is the same as the jersey used in the 1970’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

What is the best look the Sabres have worn in franchise history? The Sabres’ then-President, Ted Black, publicly acknowledged it as a “turd burger.” And you know what? But, somehow, it all comes together so nicely that I just can’t bring myself to hate it. This was also the first time we saw the Sabres’ number font change from its previous iteration, providing a more modern and “boxy” look to that aspect of the jersey.
The Sabres introduce arguably the wildest alternate jersey in the history of the NHL, featuring a gold front and a navy blue back.

The past is something Sabre fans longed for and perhaps masking the inabilities of their team with the garb of legends long before could make the consumption of everything more palatable. It’s no surprise Sabres fans still pine for them to this day. Additionally, teams like the Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Islanders and Edmonton Oilers have moved to sweaters that gave more of a nod to their past. This iteration of the Sabres jersey saw the logo added to the shoulders. You can’t argue with the classic look. It’s a bit weird now to think of hockey jerseys without a name on the back, I won’t lie. (I was 6 at the time). Join our linker program. The crossed swords logo was a modern-esque take on a classic logo. a-okay in my book. Buffalo Sabres Nuke Nod to History In 2008, the Sabres introduced an alternate jersey that paid homage to their original kits, though swapping royal blue for navy. WhatsApp. Fans spent many months filling Sabres’ social media feeds with two words…”Royal Blue”.

Just in case you forgot. Sweater numbers are available from the 1950-51 season to the present. Why not give the Stabbed-B shoulder patch a chance to shine? Share. This jersey was so different from what we were used to. The contrasting shoulder yoke (on the white jersey) and contrasting, lace-up collar (on the dark jersey) were also welcome carryovers from Toronto’s uniforms, design choices which helped their respective kits pop with visual appeal. In 1999, it was Brett Hull’s still-disputed Stanley Cup-winning goal, a controversy which would never have arisen if not for an ill-conceived, sloppily written, poorly-executed rule (see also: puck-over-glass rule, offside reviews). Want to send us mail? Inside the neck are located images of each primary logo used by the Sabres since 1970. A poor design choice, to be sure.

Since it’s Jersey Week here at SB Nation, it’s time for a power ranking of the uniforms worn throughout Buffalo Sabres history. This jersey was introduced as the team’s third jersey in 2008, then became their full-time look from 2010 until 2015. The overall design is similar to that of their inaugural season, albeit with thicker striping on the jerseys and simplified striping on the socks – one big batch of three stripes, instead of a smaller, Leafs-esque three-by-three. Despite having the worst overall record, even then the Sabres couldn’t catch a break, losing the NHL Draft Lottery to the Edmonton Oilers. While the previous decade has seen much confusion and disappointment with both the team and it’s laundry, perhaps the next decade will see more success. The font is a little different than what we’re used to, but not in a bad way, and the yellow charging buffalo on the helmets is a nice touch. As mentioned, these Sabres kits stayed relatively the same for over a quarter-century. There wasn’t even a good reason for the redesign; Reebok Edge was still a year away. Do you have a blog? The wavy vertical piping dividing the body of the jersey from the sleeves makes it look like someone is putting on a coat.

The new Sabres new … You have millions upon millions of dollars at your disposal and that’s the logo you come up with? To be fair, if I had to wear that thing, I’d want out, too.

The introduction of the V-neck is a different look than what people were used to, but I think it’s a little cleaner than having the strings hanging around like in previous jerseys. And in 2000, it was the NHL Situation Room forgetting goals don’t count if the puck goes through the side of the net. First season: 1970-71 Home arena: KeyBank Center. Buffalo Sabres Jersey History. A tiny, limbless, possibly demonic – note the red eyes – buffalo surrounded by a drab colour scheme and psychedelic striping. Twitter. I’m not a fan of script logos in general – why tell your fans what they already know? Beautiful. Lots of stripes, but overall, this is a pretty good look. The random half-stripe of silver on the back looks out of place, and what is that font used on the back? However, considering all the garbage hanging in NHL locker rooms during the 1990s, I feel the Sabres’ stab at modernisation, unnecessary as it might have been, actually turned out rather well. The thick stripe makes things look too cluttered in my opinion - I’m not a huge fan of stripes like that - and the silver piping seems unnecessary. The Buffalo Sabres just can’t catch a break. A royal colour scheme truly befitting a team named after the curved, single-edged blades used by cavalry units of monarchical Early Modern Europe. And then there’s this one, released in 2013. Brian Campbell took a delay of game penalty late in Game Seven of the Eastern Conference Final, providing the Carolina Hurricanes with the power play they used to score the series-winning goal. With slight variations, they would keep this look for over a quarter century. The shade of gold seemed pretty harsh; a gold jersey can be nice if done correctly, but this wasn’t it. The Sabres colors at their debut in the 1970's were royal blue, gold and white, with the team alternating between royal blue jerseys trimmed in gold and white (worn at Home) and white jerseys … – but they are especially tacky when they dwarf the team’s actual logo (see also: Flames, Calgary). The number on the front seems a bit large in proportion to the logo, but other than that, it’s just a shame that it took so long for the team to introduce these - and that they stayed for such a short time. Box 24039 Stratford, Prince Edward Island, Canada C1B 2V5. The shade of blue is chef’s kiss. A holdover from the Buffaslug days and once popular with more than a few NHL teams, they are not particularly offensive to the eye, though they do break up the cleanliness of the look.
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