theatre royal history
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theatre royal history

In the eighteenth century legislation insisted that drama could only be performed by theatres that had been granted a royal charter or licence (1737) making them 'patent' theatres.
Inevitably, lack of operating finance became problematic again necessitating a period known as "NTR Lite" with less risky but less exciting programing. The society became the New Theatre Royal trust in 1976. These records were transferred too an empty shop nearby in Guildhall Walk. Did Dickens perform at the Portsmouth Theatre? It was to be the Victorian theatre's last performance.

Russell, who wanted to make a parody of the work of Busby Berkley, added a story twist by setting it amongst a run-down repertory company with the love story on stage mirrored in one off. The famous 18th century painting of the ‘Timbertoes’ bridge spanning the Suir is screened into the tympanum over the theatre proscenium. It opened May 7, 1663, in the propitious era of Restoration drama, and produced plays by John Dryden, among others.
In 1891 the world’s most famous actress, Sarah Bernhardt performed at The Royal. Wyatt ran the Royal Victoria for many years. He was buried in his home country, the United States. It was now the Prince of Wales Opera House and leased to William Saurin Lyster. Marie Lloyd was also a regular. A brilliant and innovative architect, Matcham perfected increasingly larger floors of seating without supporting pillars, shaped to allow full view of the stage from all seats.

A door to the hall, bricked in during building, was temporarily uncovered during renovation work in 2004. The first performance on the opening evening was Shakespeare’s popular five-act comedy As You Like It. Phipps also designed the Empire Theatre (aka Empire Palace Theatre) in Edinburgh Road, built by Corke of Fratton, which opened in 1891. The Empire struggled to compete with the Royal, Princes and Kings. Governor Darling, a conservative man was in charge of the colony. He engaged the most famous theatre architect of the day, C J Phipps, who had earlier built London's Gaiety, Theatre Royal and Haymarket theatres among others. Most of the famous performers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries appeared at the Theatre Royal. The magistrates, believing theatres places of ill-repute, granted a licence for a limited period with the condition that there was no direct access from the tavern. Lovingly restored, this Victorian gem hidden within a beautiful Georgian building, is a jewel in the midst of Waterford’s Viking Triangle. Wyatt was however still interested in management and built a new theatre in Pitt Street Sydney. It was destroyed in a daylight bombing raid on the city in 1942 during a children's cinema matinee. The 6-door frontage led to the dress circle to accommodate the wealthy. During the 1880s under the auspices of these three men several important international artists appeared in Australia. An external lighting rig was erected over the open stage. He sold shares in the company to business manager George Tallis and Gustave Ramaciotti. A popular music hall, it hosted performances by Niccolò Paganini and Franz Liszt and Mr Keane the leading actor manager of the early nineteenth century. It opened under the management of Samuel Lazer. A final phase of capital works sees the addition of a new lobby to the 1990’s wing, the restoration of the 18th century wall at the rear of the stage and the opening of a backstage facilities building as part of the new medieval museum, the Chorister’s Hall. Williamson had been offered the freehold but believed that management and ownership did not mix.

His buildings are loved by a variety of artistes as the ideal place to perform. For a brief period a young Australian, Robert Stigwood, was Ross's assistant. Matcham was arguably the greatest theatre architect in UK history. Cambridge University Press. He had subsequently moved to San Francisco where he had met Maggie. They were demolished in 1980.) A new theatre was built and given the name Theatre Royal. In 1912 Australian born Oscar Asche and his wife Lily Brayton played. He developed 'raked' stages (built at an incline toward the audience) to improve vision from the upper circle and gods, and decorative mouldings and shaped frontage to the balcony fronts that encouraged better acoustics. However local dramatic groups and the general public revolted at the thought and the theatre reopened in 1958. ", Nicholas Nickleby Charles Dickens 1838–39. With many of its original features still intact, it is the last remaining Regency playhouse in the country and one of the most beautiful, intimate and historic theatres in the world.

There is a belief that he may have performed at the Portsmouth Theatre but this is unlikely. Ben Barnes, the former Artistic Director of the Abbey Theatre, becomes Director of the Theatre Royal. This lead to him producing one show and performing in others at the same time. Russell (who would go on to produce a film version of The Who album "Tommy" in Portsmouth) shot most of the film on location in the empty theatre and adjoining streets giving it an eerie sense of period and reality. Today it is a Masonic Hall. pp.

ISBN 978-0-521-46466-6.CS1 maint: ref=harv (link) Rutley's widow eventually sold the theatre to him. • Auburn, Mark S. (1995). The illustration of the Portsmouth Theatre by Phiz in Nicholas Nickleby is true to reality though not to scale. The reaction from the public was overwhelming. In 1971 the controversial director, Ken Russell chose the theatre as the location for a film version of the hit musical "The Boyfriend". The depression of the 1890s effected the theatre industry just as it did other Australian industries. It was called the Prince of Wales and located on the site of the current Theatre Royal. Boughton's success led him to engage Matcham to build two more theatres in Portsmouth, the Prince's Theatre in Lake Road and Kings Theatre in Southsea. The Theatre Royal becomes the primary location for the Waterford Municipal Art Collection, one of the finest public art collections in the country. The Empire was demolished to make way for a supermarket in 1958. Sadly, he did not perform at the current theatre and there is no evidence of his visiting it though it is possible. In the early 'noughties', builders renovating a house in Southsea found a number of posters from the Rutley theatre under floorboards. is an interactive theatre and arts platform servicing the Australian performing arts community and theatre-going public. Thieves stole valuable brass fittings and other artefacts in the 60's. He built over a hundred and fifty theatres across the country including the Tower Ballroom Blackpool, Sadlers Wells and the London Palladium, his greatest success. Matcham constructed the stage and auditorium area to form a natural bell chamber to project and amplify. In most weeks, the performances would change with as many as three distinct programmes of shows. Boughton decided on a major rebuild demolishing and replacing the theatre with the present building which re-opened on 4 August 1884 with Gilbert and Sullivan's "Princess Ida". He was not only a brilliant writer but a consummate performer and would-be actor. The Theatre Royal was finally officially the New Theatre Royal. In October the Theatre Royal re-opened after an eighteen month closure period for a €4m makeover. By this time Musgrove and Williamson were having business differences and this eventually lead to the dissolution of the partnership between the two in 1901. The first Theatre Royal in Sydney was built by Barnett Levey. Sarah Bernhardt left her signature on the wall of the dressing room. Williamson on the other hand continued to present a variety of imported acts. Two years later, the entire content of the shop were found to have disappeared. T: +353 (0)51 874 402 Additional competition from television continued to force closures across the country and the Theatre Royal was eventually forced to shut in 1955. The theatre features in Charles Dickens' novel Nicholas Nickleby. Lyster is generally held to be responsible for the first quality opera productions in Australia. Theatre Royal - Where History & Entertainment meet. The present site was built to replace a theatre located in the High Street (now designated "old Portsmouth".

The New Theatre Royal (Portsmouth) Limited was registered in 1976 with a subsidiary trading company, NTR Trading Limited, as regulations did not allow charities to retail. Our History. It would have had a smaller audience capacity than the theatre which replaced it. It was located where Dymocks bookshop now stands at 428 George Street. In the early 20th century, control of the Theatre Royal fluctuated between the two men. His readings were legendary and made him a 19th-century celebrity. 1805 The original Theatre Royal – the Orchard Street Theatre – closed, to be converted into a Catholic church in 1809. This dispensation entitled them to be known as "Theatre Royal" and display a royal insignia.

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